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Will Durst - Raging Moderate (download)

Will Durst - Raging Moderate (download)

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Will Durst is a classic stand-up: smart with an insightful wit, a sharp tongue, and a wry, political outlook. The kind of comic who'd be right at home with both Ron White and Greg Proops, Durst has a certain bemused swagger as he takes on W and Bubba (the White House's own Dukes of Hazzard who only needed 16 years to leave the economy up on blocks in the front yard); Democrats who seem to have started supporting stem cell research in the hopes of growing themselves a spine; and, for good measure, William Henry Harrison who had either the good or the bad sense to catch pneumonia filibustering at his own inauguration and die shortly thereafter. Oh sure, maybe Kucinich gets a pass, but Durst's right, pixies need representation, too. In a time that might be considered slim pickings for an avowed political comedian, Will Durst truly is a master craftsman. He's the consummate man's man, using caffeine (''Coffee's not a toy, it's a tool! It's hot, dirty water with a buzz!'') and will-power to mold a 24-hour news cycle that could break the best of us-right, left, center, or drunk-into a really, really good time. Summing up his outlook, Durst calls himself a ''Raging Moderate,'' a commie pinko in his hometown of Milwaukee, but a Nazi in his adopted home, San Francisco. We're willing to meet him somewhere in the middle. Will Durst's newest CD, ''Raging Moderate,'' is out now from Stand Up! Records.

Track Listing

  1. Tora Bora of Climate
  2. Bush & Blago
  3. Nuggets of Deliciousness
  4. Indian Head Penny Change
  5. We Lost a Planet
  6. Pirates & Pigs
  7. Fleshy Pinball
  8. An Ugly Baby
  9. The Ornery Troll
  10. Maple Leaf Patches
  11. Threads of Saffron
  12. Fish Eat FishX

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