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Will Durst - Elect to Laugh (download)

Will Durst - Elect to Laugh (download)

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The puncturer of pomposity is at it again. Forthwith, 52 alternate, alphabetical titles for the witty wordsmith Will Durst’s latest stand-up coup: #SpoilerAlert, A Parody of a Cliché, Chuckle Pellets, Clawed My Way to the Middle, Close Is So Very Far Away, Evil Cherubness, Exercise Your Electoral Muscles, Family Full of Boners, Flaming Subterfuge, Fodder for Humorosity, Get the Mop, Getting’ Jiggy with the Death Penalty, God Is Off His Meds, How To Use “Smelt” as a Gerund, Human Emoticon, I’m Here To Help, Interspecies Dancing and Electile Dysfunction, Ironic Dosage, Itinerant Minstrel, Jogging with Coyotes, Kills at Library Conventions, Moochers and Malingerers, Moving Back in with Britain, My Future Ex-Wife, Not Ready for Happy Hour, One Tortured Analogy Too Far, OxyMormon, Plumbing Outreach, Politics and One Generic Joke, Poor Rick Perry, Queen of the Illiterati, Republican Herpes, Resistance Is Futile, Second-Hand Cheese, Sentient Shrubbery and the Isadora Duncan Reenactment, Side Effects May Include Ebola, Snowshoes in August, Spectacularly Unsuccessful Convenience Store Robbery, Thank You For Your Cervix, The Ayatollah Of Pennsylvania, The Devil’s Spatula, The Grieving Beekeeper, The Heartless Pummel the Spineless, The Lesser Mormon, The New Lepers, Timely References to 75-Year-Old Films, Tired of Being Trickled On, Tsunami of Sleaze, Twelve Synonyms for Blue, Wheel of Fortune President in a Jeopardy World, Who Wants a Government Hug?, Whyle Schultz. Go ahead and count; we’ll wait. Now, get yourself some fine, organic, free-range, family-farm-raised comedy and prepare for hilarity to ensue.

Track Listing

  1. Hooting & Hollering
  2. The Granola Mines
  3. Goat Legs
  4. Lace Penis
  5. Gaga at the Vatican
  6. Rotor Wash
  7. Teabaggers
  8. Human Emoticon
  9. #spoileralert
  10. Leper Dumpster
  11. Agoraphobic Curbfeelers
  12. Hell Spit
  13. GOP Whack-A-Mole
  14. Species Jumping Hookworms
  15. Flaming Subterfuge
  16. Bros B4 Hos
  17. The Devil's Spatula
  18. Footie Pajama Pinworms
  19. Electile Dysfunctional
  20. Forehead Dragon Tattoo
  21. Grieving Beekeeper
  22. Larger Stitches
  23. Perky Monotone
  24. You've Been Odd

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