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Various Artists - The $4.99 Show (2xCD)

Various Artists - The $4.99 Show (2xCD)

If you don’t know, now you know: The $4.99 show is a semi-quarterly comic and rock-n-roll, liquor, and shenanigans festival put on by Stand Up! Records. For one low, low price, the crowd packs on in to a local Minneapolis venue to chug and chortle, giggle and wiggle. And now you can play the home game! Our latest release is a two-disc extravaganza – worth the cost for 43 porn remake titles alone – featuring an epic 2010 session of The $4.99 Show recorded live at the Triple Rock Social Club (home to free bacon night, veiled Blues Brothers references, and more punk rock street cred than you can shake a 7” at). The show stars Cy Amundson and Bill Young with emcee Gus Lynch, Madoo and the $4.99 crew (our house band), and a full disc of the legendary, soul-shaking, booty quaking sounds of Minneapolis’ own Chooglin’. Just in time for Christmas, behold! The perfect gift for your friends and loved ones and probably anyone with a beard, “The $4.99 Show,” packed up all purdy in a limited edition, double-disc tip-on gatefold. As the great Dan Schlissel puts it, “It’s an exorbitant expense for a niche show, but that’s how we roll.” Amen, brother. 

Track Listing

Album 1

  1. Welcome Announcement
  2. The $4.99 Show Theme Song
  3. Master of Ceremonies
  4. Getting Older
  5. The Grand and Terrible List
  6. Smoking and Parenting
  7. Cy Amundson (for About Nine Seconds)
  8. Duck Hunt
  9. Speaking of Kids
  10. A Ghost Story
  11. Alcohol and Pot
  12. Chewing Tobacco
  13. Dinner at Super America
  14. You're Not Fat
  15. A Christmas Story
  16. Bombastic Ending

Album 2

  1. Take Your Sweet Time
  2. Real Lowdown
  3. I Can Dig It, Baby
  4. Nexium of Interest
  5. Better Than You
  6. I Need a Break
  7. Hal's Haberdashery
  8. Airport Bar
  9. Tonight, Alright
  10. Gone, Gone, Gone
  11. Birds.mp3
  12. Waltz in D
  13. Taverner's Fly
  14. Eternal Fire
  15. Today, I May Rise
  16. Treat Her Right
  17. Royale Vengeance
  18. Rising Son

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