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Valley Meadows (CD)

Valley Meadows (CD)

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East coast? West coast? Naw, everyone knows these days, the Upper Midwest is where the realest hip hop gets hip hop’d. Comedians Chris Knutson, as substitute teacher and full-time beat-boxer Gary Schishynszenski (“Mr. S.” to those in the know), and Zach Coulter, as MC Tom Johnson, tardy-to-the-party vegan potluck ruiner, have created an award-winning musical marriage with Valley Meadows. Their act–and their eponymous debut album–is part nerdcore (think geeksta rap pioneer Monzy with fewer PhDs), part stand up (playing off each other with the easy, crowd-engrossing charm of the Sklar Brothers), and all the ridiculous–and ridiculously catchy–tunes you could hope for.

Where Bob and Doug MacKenzie meet Tenacious D and the little-known but much loved Jack Spaar, Valley Meadows emerges, fly enough to get poon in loafers, man enough to croon lightning-based ballads, and ready to go spelunking in your Chubby Hubby. We’ll let you figure that last one out. Stand Up! Records, Kickstarter, and Gary’s step-dad Neil are all stoked to drop these hot tracks–and maybe even help Tom and Gary make rent.

Track Listing

  1. Neil
  2. A Brief Introduction to Valley Meadows
  3. Hotdish
  4. Interlude: How Was School?
  5. Don't Substitute Respect for Me
  6. Balls on the Ceiling
  7. Interlude: Neil Bought Ice Cream!
  8. Choad a la Mode
  9. Vegan Potluck Open Mic at the Valley Meadows Shelter for the Under-Appreciated #1
  10. Kung Fu Karate
  11. Vegan Potluck Open Mic at the Valley Meadows Shelter for the Under-Appreciated #2
  12. Interlude: Zero Poon Shoes is Loafers
  13. Velcro Kixx
  14. Interlude: Gary Has an Idea
  15. Do You Remember the Rain?
  16. Neil Again
  17. Balls on the Ceiling (Live)

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