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Tommy Ryman - Having The Time Of My Life (download)

Tommy Ryman - Having The Time Of My Life (download)

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When your simple act of joy is taken for an act of spite, that’s often the first sign that things are going wrong. Still, a $900 hospital bill seems like overly harsh karmic retribution for unintentionally toying with the emotions of a grocery store lot attendant. The tale in-between? Like the rest of Tommy Ryman’s life, it combines accidental criminality, the influence of New Age parenting, childlike glee and a childlike body, deep Midwestern roots, and a set of intricate callbacks delivered with all the infectious excitement of a man truly delighted by an oversized bag of pistachios. Yes, Ryman’s comedy career is a diversion from the family business—river and estuary activation, naturally—but he’s unmistakably on the come-up. Ryman’s first record with Stand Up! Records was 2011’s “Bath Time with Tommy Ryman,” and in the intervening years he’s honed his comic voice on stages across the country, as a Last Comic Standing semifinalist, as the “Best in the Midwest” at Gilda’s Laughfest, and as a husband, used rat enthusiast, and unintentional scofflaw. He’s awkward, he’s spicy, and he’s having the time of his life.*

* For bonus time-of-your-life having a bonus track, be sure to order the CD. Bonus track not included with digital download.

Track Listing

  1. Broken Bones and Grocery Shopping
  2. New Age Parents
  3. Clarinets and Kissing
  4. Working for the Man
  5. Dogs, Dogs and More Dogs
  6. We Bought a Hedgehog!
  7. The Cable Fell Out of the Sky
  8. I Fixed a Step!
  9. That Dresser Could Have Killed Me
  10. How to Propose
  11. Run-in with the Law
  12. International Snack Smuggler
  13. RIP Lex Luthor

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