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Tom Rhodes - Hot Sweet Ass (CD)

Tom Rhodes - Hot Sweet Ass (CD)


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Hot sweet ass, Houston, hot sweet ass. If you’re looking for a new catch phrase, you’ve found it, and if you’re looking for a new CD addiction, you’re probably on the right track there, too. Tom Rhodes’ Hot Sweet Ass is about to hit heavy rotation. With his uncanny ability to deliberately pace and savor just those three little words enough to set off a crowd’s worth of giggling, Rhodes scampers through a set covering the Lord’s outlook on VD to a penguin’s unerring recognition of his lovely penguin lady-friend in a sea of other penguins. Without ever veering into malice, Rhodes seems to choose just the right sparing words to bring out the funniest moment in every situation, making his foray into a purely audio medium particularly satisfying. In essence, Rhodes is not a comedian you need to see to catch on to the inherent energy and feel of his show. Sure, you might imagine him a little differently than he really is while kicking back with Hot Sweet Ass — you’ll likely picture longer hair, dingier jeans, and a decidedly laid-back smirk (and you’ll be right about the smirk) as he adventures through Amsterdam, prays for 100 degree days (so that his dad will turn on the air conditioning), vehemently scrubs his nether regions, makes love to an atheist, and wishes his junior high teacher’s penchant for scratching himself hadn’t gotten in the way of his mastery of algebra. No matter what you’re picturing, though, what you’re hearing is sure to rile you up for years of stealing his jokes at house parties and wishing he would show up to be your best friend. It might even inspire you to go to the petting zoo. 

Track Listing

  1. Where I’m From and What I’ve Seen
  2. The Power of Love
  3. Magnificent Sunrises
  4. I Love Everything Mexican
  5. Cowboys and Cadillacs
  6. Arm the Teachers
  7. Mix the Races
  8. Random Voodoo
  9. Adventures of a Comedian
  10. Amsterdam Epiphanies
  11. Gargantuan Advice
  12. Every Man’s Secret


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