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The Drug Budget and Robert Fones - Feel Real Fear (CD)

The Drug Budget and Robert Fones - Feel Real Fear (CD)

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Hey man, trust us. In right about an hour, you’re going to be racking your brain: How have I not heard of Robert Fones? Robert Fones is a star. In his tight, fast-paced, and expertly crafted set, his nimble leaps of logic and seamless segues bring a fresh perspective to the mundane and awesomely ridiculous alike. Likely the only thing that’ll knock your brain away from trying to both enjoy and memorize the jokes as they roll in is the other half of this record, “Feel Real Fear”: the musical stylings of The Drug Budget, your next favorite band. With lush harmonies and earnest, indie pop glee, there’s little choice but to dance along with the catchy, staccato drumbeat and synthed-out big band. How have I not heard of The Drug Budget? F*ck if we know. Get hip to both in one convenient package, the only comedy-mod-yacht-rock crossover record you’ll ever want.

Track Listing

  1. I Belong in Jail (by The Drug Budget)
  2. Origins (by Robert Fones)
  3. Body Opportunity (by The Drug Budget)
  4. Horses (by Robert Fones)
  5. Used to Be the Future (by The Drug Budget)
  6. Mondays (by Robert Fones)
  7. The Ripple (by The Drug Budget)

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