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Sid Singh - Amazing! (Probably) (download)

Sid Singh - Amazing! (Probably) (download)


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Next-level bullying: when your bully grows up to steal the love of your parents. Next-level diversity: when your thrice-removed racial impression leads to a Japanese kid in San Jose in 2002. Welcome to the hilarious world of Sid Singh, Indian-American Casanova and unlucky atheist. A 20-something comic who’s not ready to get married, but just about financially prepared for a divorce, Singh is the hapless star of his own epic tale, gleefully cataloging awkward moments, family interventions, and that one time his only fan turned out to be both blatantly homophobic and bad at googling nature facts—all in the service of kick-ass standup and the occasional cross-stitch ready koan: Just because it rhymes doesn’t mean it’s not racist. When you choose integrity, stop to ask if you’re also choosing poverty. The only thing stronger than karma is white privilege. Singh’s first full-length record, “Amazing! (Probably),” is out now from Stand Up! Records.


  1. Rules of the Show
  2. High School Reunion
  3. Amazing Father / Terrible Dad
  4. Birmingham, England: The Worst Show of All Time
  5. What Race You Think I Am?
  6. Jeff
  7. Gandhi
  8. Equinox
  9. Marriage
  10. Scottish Bartender
  11. Two Women
  12. Cutting Edge Liberal
  13. Atheist
  14. Silly Person
  15. That Indian Voice

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