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Ryan Singer - Immortal For Now (download)

Ryan Singer - Immortal For Now (download)

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Ryan Singer: junior mutton buster, public urinator, Frankenstein truther. Part Jim David, part Mitch Hedberg, and all failed cowboy, Singer is here to help you explore the comedic multiverse, in which anyone can get caught in a Labradoodle lick-loop and the stardust might be something a bit stickier. Time travel, he’s found, really takes the edge off all that self-reflection. A metaphysical Holden Caulfield with sympathy for Gargamel (it’s all Ayn Rand’s fault, you see), Singer deftly gets absurd with the realities of contemporary male privilege and entitlement, exploring how fragile masculinity can so quickly go from relatable to country song to downright dangerous. Yes, some jokes end sad. Some jokes end in a pile of dead bodies. But with 12 minutes of productive darkness—and his audience—firmly in hand, Singer’s ready to take on whatever the universe throws at him. Oh, and he’s got a certain modest proposal regarding human leather he’d like to share. Just a thought.

Track Listing

  1. Immortal for Now
  2. It’s Gonna Be My Year
  3. Wolf Dog
  4. Drug Pocket
  5. My Thing Made a Thing
  6. House and Bob
  7. Stand Up Comedians Since Time Immemorial
  8. Dead Mantis Walking
  9. Baffled by the Device
  10. My Head is in Space
  11. Aliens Built the Pyramids
  12. A Genuine Connection
  13. Some Jokes End Sad
  14. Gargamel Origins
  15. Dust in the Wind
  16. Cowboy Ryan
  17. Top 6 #1 Inventions of All-Time

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