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Ryan Singer - Comedy Wonder Town (CD)

Ryan Singer - Comedy Wonder Town (CD)

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In many ways, award-winning comic Ryan Singer is made up of just a few constitutive elements: wonder, a biological clock, and dick jokes (which, incidentally, will be your life raft should you find yourself adrift sometime after he welcomes you to Comedy Wonder Town and just before he begins considering the amazing process that is making a pair of scissors from scratch). But when they all come together, it’s comedy alchemy. With a stride that somehow seems equal parts Mitch Hedberg, Doug Stanhope, and Greg Proops, stamped with the approval of Marc Maron, Singer’s got an expertly-honed world view with more than a few interesting back alleys. Whether he’s playing wingman to his dad while spending all night cock-blocking his mom, inventing a daughter (Whitney) who writes formal letters to his ex/her putative “mother,” or explaining why it is that the hands of history on his haunches explains man’s relative inability to pull out properly each and every time, Singer’s endearing, adult, and, well, wondrous. And, he’d like us to point out (preferably right around the time he declares that astronauts are the nerds with the biggest nuts because they make ships that can drive past the sky), he’s not high. Just, you know, for the record.

Come along on a magical tour of “Comedy Wonder Town,” out now on Stand Up! Records.

Track Listing

  1. Gay Dreams
  2. Sexually Harassed
  3. Voice Inside My Brain Device
  4. Bounty On My Head
  5. Death Row Love
  6. Wrong Type of Woman
  7. Blue Pills & $50 Bills
  8. Thinking With My Clock
  9. Hands That Built Human History
  10. Two Rooms Available
  11. Man Bits
  12. Why Won't She Love Me
  13. Babies Having Babies
  14. Proper Neanderthal Family
  15. People in Space
  16. Put Me On the List
  17. I Know Zero
  18. Letters & Numbers
  19. Proud of Us
  20. Fluorescent Faces
  21. Wish I Was Special
  22. Gosh Darn It Just Doesn't Cut It
  23. Monster Hunter
  24. Regret the Things I've Done

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