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Ryan Cownie - I Can't Die (video)

Ryan Cownie - I Can't Die (video)



Ryan Cownie’s got some shit to work through. His poor investments include, but are in no way limited to, low-rent drugs, mildly effective vocal lessons, and interpersonal relationships. The damage is worse than any Mountain Dew or 5-Hour Energy product placement deal can fix. Still, he soldiers on, through preambles and improv Pictionary, sex pranks and sacrilegious interludes, proving the comedic mettle that, time and time again, has almost earned him Funniest Person in Austin. Ryan Cownie is a true original, full of joyful non-sequiturs and switchbacks and musical moments that bring to mind some glorious monstrosity co-parented by Zach Galifinakis, Rory Scovel, JT Habersaat, and Beck. Stand Up! Records so proudly presents Cownie’s first record, “I Can’t Die.”

Ryan Cownie: I Can't Die from Stand Up! Records on Vimeo.

Track Listing

  1. Chris Tellez Introduces Ryan
  2. Titties
  3. Stereotypical Comedian
  4. I Don't Do Drugs and I'm Broke
  5. Sponsored by MTN Dew
  6. Fourth Divorce
  7. Multitask Drawing (for the Divorce)
  8. Nanny Talk While Drawing
  9. Sex Prank
  10. Sleeping with John Merriman
  11. Professional Actor
  12. Chris Tellez Outroduces Ryan
  13. I Can't Die
  14. Jeff Dunham Voicemail

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