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Rick Shapiro - Unconditional Love (CD)

Rick Shapiro - Unconditional Love (CD)

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Nothing quite captures the full experience of Rick's performance artistry like seeing him live. But if you can't do that, the the next best thing. Rick Shapiro is not merely a stand up comedian. He doesn't really have a routine, per se. Really he just gets up on stage and explodes into a sort of stream of consciousness rant. During his performances, Rick unleashes the many characters living in his brain in a rapid fire purging that almost comes across as an assault. The former junky/prostitute turned actor-comedian has been called the Lenny Bruce of the East Village and it's a name that suits him. Fortunately for Rick, though, he is not living in the repressed age that censored and eventually ruined Lenny Bruce. Rick's act is so obscene and raunchy that it makes his predecessors look like girl scouts. But his humor doesn't just rely on obscenity. It's quick witted social criticism... with the occasional reference to fisting. 5.0 out of 5 stars...Rick Shapiro RULES!!!!,

Track Listing

  1. Get Pissed
  2. Family Values
  3. The Sexy Anorexics
  4. Writers
  5. Getting Laid
  6. I Sucked Dick for Heroin
  7. Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!
  8. WBAI-FM
  9. The Leonard Cohen of Dick Whippers
  10. K-Mart! Staples! The Gap!
  11. Riffing, Stomping and Managers
  12. I Miss Drugs
  13. When the World was Wild
  14. Whitney Houston
  15. Suburban Butts
  16. Whitey Politey
  17. Bush
  18. Riffing
  19. Sucking Ass
  20. Eating Pussy
  21. God's an Idiot
  22. Mr. Duane Reed

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