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René Hicks - Let's Roll (download)

René Hicks - Let's Roll (download)


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René Hicks releases her first comedy album, here dealing with a variety of topics from America post-September-11, to issues with her family, to race relations, all with a sparkling wit that cannot be matched.

Wherever Rene's exploding career takes her, she will always feel at home on a stage, with a mike and a stool. "I think stand-up is the only art form where you're really intimate with the audience; you get directly into somebody's psyche. You know nothing about them, may have nothing in common with them, but still touch them. That's why I truly love doing comedy, because laughter brings people together and we need a lot more laughter in this world and a lot less of the stupid crap that divides us." "When she took to the stage, RenT Hicks, positively electrified the room with the amount of laughter she was generating. She not only makes you laugh out loud, but leaves you with something to think about, as well, making her the highlight of the night." -Beat Magazine (Australia)

Track Listing

  1. Wild About Minnesota
  2. Politics as Unusual
  3. America Pissed Off
  4. All in the Family
  5. Unruly Kids
  6. Drug Induced
  7. Television Induced
  8. Body Language
  9. Leave My Hoo-Hoo Alone
  10. English Translation
  11. Utah - All Salt, No Pepper
  12. Sports in Black and White
  13. Mississippi Blues
  14. Nigger is Just a Word

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