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Patrick Susmilch - Validate Me (CD)

Patrick Susmilch - Validate Me (CD)


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Patrick “Baby Veins” Susmilch hits the stage armed with a solid four minutes on catheters and a long, yet well-informed—nay, college-educated—walk to a 69 Boyz callback, and that’s really all you need to know to give him the validation he so obviously needs. But in case you’re unconvinced, know that Susmilch stands ready to engage America’s most divisive issues, from windchimes to to Klezmer jock jams. He will not back down from the tough questions: Why didn’t “The Walking Dead” address urinary tract infections from the get-go? America demands answers. Sure, some jokes (and more than a few-fast food encounters) end in stabbing or sobbing, but when Drake’s your spiritual and sartorial guide, you can’t really go wrong.

Track Listing

  1. Tell Me I'm Pretty
  2. If I Eat This I'll Get Fat
  3. Is This Funny?
  4. Even My Veins Are Wrong
  5. Love Me
  6. Am I Manly?
  7. Validate Me!
  8. Comparing Myself To Others
  9. Maybe My Mom Was Right
  10. Don't Tell Anyone I Love 'Frozen'
  11. Gender Norms
  12. One of My Many Failures
  13. I Should Just Go Back To School
  14. I Don't Want You To See Me Like This
  15. Am I Good Enough?

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