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Mike Lebovitz - Two Slob Household! (download)

Mike Lebovitz - Two Slob Household! (download)


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When Mike Lebovitz boomerangs back from the Fibonacci spiral of one of his elaborate tangents, only to deftly deliver the coup de grace on the original set-up, it lands with all the joy of a magician’s electric reveal. It feels like he’s uncorked some alchemical amalgam of John Belushi, Mitch Hedberg, Kyle Kinane, and Adam Pally, some Chicago-inflected, conspiratorially winking brilliance delivered by an unassuming barstool philosopher and slightly less-than-observant Jew (let’s just say he owns a menorah, but it was definitely a Christmas gift). He’s sly, inventive, expertly skillful, and totally delightful—even cracking himself up with the most off-handed joke of the night. And now, in the Megabus phase of his career, Lebovitz has delivered precisely the right record for the right historical moment: it’s the Great Quar, everyone is freaked out and cooped up, and if you don’t live in one, you live like you live in a “Two-Slob Household.”  

Track Listing

  1. No Pressure
  2. Slob
  3. Megabus
  4. Illinois
  5. Lousy Jew
  6. Hotel Problem
  7. The Reefers
  8. Proposal Story
  9. Theft Rebranded
  10. Fraud Protection
  11. Food
  12. Stone Age Vegan
  13. The New Guy
  14. Tiny Fashionista
  15. Birthing Class


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