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Mike DeStefano - Puppies and Heroin (download)

Mike DeStefano - Puppies and Heroin (download)

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So, what would Mike DeStefano’s comedy sound like today? Like DeStefano always sounded: unblunted by an overly PC world. Like his final recordings, Puppies & Heroin. This album, comprised of his last, 2011 performances in Minneapolis, MN, finds DeStefano in his comedic prime, no holds barred. He talks about his days as a heroin addict, his life as a counselor, and even his many jaunts into teaching college kids the perils of drug use (even though it clearly worked out all right for him). DeStefano seemingly does his best to alienate an adoring crowd, but the more he pours it on, the more raucous they become. Dooming us all to face cancer, racism, and wheelchair sex, DeStefano is certainly not for the faint of heart—but that’s what separates him from everyone else. Kick back, press play, and, along with his family, friends, and our team here at the label, raise a glass of chocolate milk in his honor.

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