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Mike Bocchetti - Thank You! (download)

Mike Bocchetti - Thank You! (download)


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To hear Mike Bocchetti, the Shakespeare of Staten Island, tell it, you’d think Stand Up! Records was putting this one out as some sort of Make-a-Wish request—he’s just that self-deprecating. But where most comics who make themselves the butt of the joke trade in darkness, Bocchetti’s is the most affirmative, joyful self-deprecation you could ever hope for. One-liners and strangely endearing tales of his Italian American upbringing are punctuated with sincere gratitude, almost like a happy tic. And that’s the thing: Bocchetti’s jokes and their delivery rarely converge, so it’s the dissonance that brings the undeniable hilarity (speaking of dissonance, Bocchetti also starred in Matthew Barney's arthouse cult film Cremaster 3). In short, you’ve never been sincerely thanked for anything so brutal—but it’s about time. “Thank You!” is now out from your frenemies at Stand Up! Records. And here's hoping Bocchetti's mom reinstates his allowance.

Track Listing

  1. The First Time I Had Sex
  2. A Real GQ Look
  3. I'm In
  4. Jews For Jesus
  5. A Mental Block
  6. Dating, Exercise and Family
  7. Purple Heart Italians
  8. Back To School
  9. The Roman Empire
  10. We're Dogshit...Thank You
  11. Mom, Ice Cream and Weed

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