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Melinda Hill - The Accidental Bisexual (CD)

Melinda Hill - The Accidental Bisexual (CD)

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What's this life for? In 1968 Robert Kennedy was shot in the Ambassador hotel. Thirty-five years later, Creed shot their video in the same hotel, and they cast Melinda Hill as ''Crying Motel Girl.'' Scene after wrenching scene, she dipped into her emotional reservoir to become ''overcome by salvation.''

This same emotional reservoir has served Hill throughout her life: it's enabled her to overlook bright-white man-clogs, helped her through an inadequate near-death experience (near enough that the flight attendants shouted ''We're goin' down!'' but not so near that friends in LA were impressed), maintained her throughout the lasagna incident, and kept her romanticism alive in the face of not one, not two, but several dates with a man who inspired the beautifully wrought sentence, ''One after the other, the dark secrets tumbled out of his mouth like crippled little acrobats from the darkness Olympics.''

And, of course, it's seen her through her transformation from video vixen into a subversive, bubbly, disingenuously wide-eyed, accidentally bisexual story-telling comedian extraordinaire. In her first CD for Stand Up! Records, ''The Accidental Bisexual,'' Melinda Hill, weaves the best aspects of any comedian's routine strong punchlines, smart call-backs, and an instant audience rapport together with elegant, deeply funny short-story writing to present a silly and oddly poignant stand up memoir. But should you, dear listener, somehow magically lose sight of the lessons Hill imparts as she recounts her tales like some sort of living ''Demotivator'' poster (''Mistakes: It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others''), don't despair: therewill be quizzes.

Track Listing

  1. What's This Life For?
  2. The Lasagna Incident
  3. Quiz 1
  4. The Hand Job Hamlet
  5. Quiz 2
  6. WWMD (What Would Madonna Do?)
  7. The Accidental Bisexual
  8. The Accidental Bisexual 2: Bi Harder

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