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Matt Kirshen - I Guess We'll Never Know (download)

Matt Kirshen - I Guess We'll Never Know (download)


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Wee, pint-sized, impish... here at Stand Up! Records, we prefer to think of Matt Kirshen as our delightful 'pocket comedian'. Sure, if he had been born American, he could just slap 'Li'l' in front of his name, become a rapper, and wait for the cash to start flowing, but, as a British Jew, Kirshen has done the next best thing: become absurdly funny! Kirshen is already known to many American audiences as a contender on the TV show 'Last Comic Standing' and to those in the UK as an attention-grabbing young performer at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival. Kirshen shines with his tangled tales of drug-laced hummus, autographing gun magazines, and speculation on just how gratifying it would be if his corpse could help just one medical student sleep with a goth girl. Far from a liability, Kirshen's age should absolutely thrill comedy aficionados -- it only means that we're in for decades of entertainment from this charming lilliputian madman.

Track Listing

  1. Welcome to My Face
  2. Cow Kissing
  3. Happy Little Plague Boy
  4. Medicine
  5. Nuts
  6. Magic and Hope
  7. Texts
  8. Unicorn Mentors
  9. Abstinence
  10. Drivers
  11. Flirting
  12. Sunnyvale
  13. The Ketchup Story
  14. Dating
  15. Politeness

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