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Maria Bamford - How to Win! (CD)

Maria Bamford - How to Win! (CD)

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Are you a gambler? No? Well, neither is comedian Maria Bamford, but she will show you How to WIN!, which is not a poker strategy guide, but the title of her second CD on Stand Up! Records. You will, however, learn how to live life as a temp, make a comedy club reservation, deal with your high school nemesis and age gracefully. Maria will personally guide you through an off-kilter primer of her mind via sharp observations, quiet demeanor and her amazing ability to change characters instantaneously. So, you’ve got to ask yourself: Do you want to succeed? Are you ready to party? Are you ready to roadie for REO Speedwagon? Then crank up some Alicia Keys because YOU might be ready to learn How to WIN!

Track Listing

  1. Opening Party
  2. I Heart My Country
  3. Mental Makeup
  4. Competitive Living
  5. Giant Corporation
  6. Self Employed
  7. Saddest Place in the World
  8. Your Comedy Club
  9. Fun Being Evil
  10. Life in LA
  11. TV
  12. Super Confident People
  13. The - Rapist
  14. Alicia Keys
  15. Credit Test
  16. Depression
  17. Dale Carnege
  18. Dad
  19. Sister Sarah
  20. Arch Enemy from High School
  21. Aging

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