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Lee Camp - Pepper Spray the Tears Away (CD)

Lee Camp - Pepper Spray the Tears Away (CD)

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Lee Camp, widely known as a bright torch for a new generation of stand up comedy and a strong voice for social good, has broken the mold in many ways. Whether it’s performing at over a dozen Occupy encampments or calling Fox News “a parade of propaganda” while on Fox News, Camp defies expectations. And now he returns to Stand Up! Records with a comedic rallying cry in the form of his new album “Pepper Spray the Tears Away.” Camp’s thrust throughout the hour is that this stuff matters. Apathy is unacceptable. Ambivalence is dangerous. You don’t get to outlaw abortion if you can’t even spell it. You don’t get to take away teachers’ benefits just because you’re high on crashing the market in 2008. You don’t get to pepper spray peaceful protestors just because you have a nifty new toy on your police belt. And you sure as hell don’t get to force a grown man to say made-up corporate words like “crumble-berry coffee cake” because some douche-head at a marketing firm told you it was good branding.

Lee Camp specializes in taking on the powerful by exposing their might for so much smoke-and-mirrors chicanery while tempering his rage with just the right amount of razor-sharp wit followed by a pinch of skillful wordplay. Considering him our own Howard Zinn with call-backs, Noam Chomsky with curse words, or Abbie Hoffman with less FBI surveillance, Stand Up! Records is inordinately proud to bring Lee Camp’s voice to the people yet again.

Track Listing

  1. Happy People
  2. Fight Back
  3. Valued Customers
  4. Assholes 2.0
  5. If Darwin Were Here Today
  6. Wikileaks
  7. A Little Belligerence
  8. Death and Destruction
  9. Right-wing Giggle Shits
  10. Immigrants and Gateway Drugs
  11. Evil People Have Plans
  12. Feminism and Education
  13. Subliminal Truth
  14. Thought Revolution

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