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Lee Camp - Chaos For The Weary (download)

Lee Camp - Chaos For The Weary (download)

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Any comedian would be honored to start his CD with a personal endorsement in which George Carlin’s daughter explains how this particular wit will be Carlin’s torch-bearer. But it’s the simple, sincere list of ways in which Lee Camp is qualified to carry the flame that seals the deal. Kelly Carlin tells us three important things: Camp is a thinking person’s comic, he may just p*ss us off a bit, and most crucially, he’s really f*cking funny. Yup, she needed two of the seven famous “dirty words.”

Speaking of which, on Lee Camp’s latest stand-up disc, it’s not the dirty words that’ll catch your ear (though you will hear a few novel permutations), it’s the sentences you’ll never hear anywhere else. For instance, “I’m for plumber-suggested suicide.” Or, say, “People say abortion is ‘playing God’? No, remote control corn-hole is ‘playing God’.” Or even, “Just a couple of ‘em wake up with a Tickle Me Elmo through the medulla oblongata, and the others would change their tune!” Now, more than ever, we need absurdist realism on stage to help us sort through, get a grip on, and maybe even change the absurdities of reality, we need “Chaos for the Weary.” Lee Camp used to look at all the terrible things on the horizon, and first he blamed Bush and Cheney, and then he blamed the Democrats, and then for a while, he blamed David Hasselhoff. What can we say? It was a weird time in his life.

Perhaps the only man on Stand Up! Records’ roster to have been endorsed by General Wesley Clark (former NATO Supreme Allied Commander), featured on Al Jazeera, and included in Paul Provenza’s loving 2010 portrait ¡Satiristas!: Comedians, Contrarians, Raconteurs, & Vulgarians, Lee Camp’s also the only man we want with his hands on the remote. You’ll get it.

Track Listing

  1. People Over 50 Suck
  2. And We Like It
  3. Tell Your Teeth to Grow Some Balls
  4. History That Actually Happened
  5. The Uninformed Populace
  6. No One's Tryin'
  7. Campaign Finance Reform & Remote Control Buttholes
  8. Doctor Assisted Suicide
  9. Global Warming
  10. Apathetic Electronic Über-Pussies
  11. Real Jobs
  12. Celebrity Obsession
  13. F*ck the Amish
  14. A New Societal Paradigm
  15. Rather Be the Crazy Guy
  16. One I Didn't Get To

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