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Judy Gold - Judith's Roommate Had A Baby (download)

Judy Gold - Judith's Roommate Had A Baby (download)


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Judy Gold’s first CD, “Judith’s Roommate Had A Baby” is a hilarious collection of her best bits along with hysterical encounters with her audience. This long awaited CD was recorded in Provincetown, MA in front of a lively audience. Judy delivers as only a veteran of many years as a top stand-up can.

Track Listing

  1. Paper Clip Guy
  2. Ptown
  3. Flying
  4. NYC/Smoking
  5. Working Out
  6. Kids/Vaginas/Breast Feeding
  7. Sharon/Henry & Ben Have Two Jewish Mothers
  8. Judith's Roommate Had A Baby
  9. If You Only Knew The Agony
  10. Bush And Cheney
  11. Leiberman
  12. Clinton/NOW
  13. The Brits On Stage Are Rich And Retired
  14. CNN, The News And The Olympics
  15. OCD
  16. My Mother, Without Whom I'd Have No Act
  17. Lice Advice/Mommy's In The Hospital
  18. Geriatric Dating Game
  19. Law & Order
  20. Phyllis
  21. The Kids
  22. Bea Arthur As A Welder
  23. Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew
  24. I Love My Job
  25. Anne Frank House
  26. My Mother's Message

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