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John Bowman - In Stink (download)

John Bowman - In Stink (download)

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Stand Up! Records is proud to release the newest addition to their rapidly growing comedy family, John Bowman. And when we say release we mean; unleash. What does a grown man who appears to have severe ADD, a touch of Tourrette’s Syndrome and a mild case of Hemorrhoids do for a living? Stand-up comedy, of course. It has been said that genius and insanity are twin brothers, and we believe within John Bowman those twins are conjoined. The comic for the thinking man who doesn’t like to think too much. He’s perfected the art of smart comedy, made it palatable for the masses, and now he’s ready to bring it to your house. John is a manic (or maniac?) comedian with a bug eyed view of the world who starts shooting his mouth off first and asks questions later. This is the guy in the lunchroom who would make you laugh until milk came out of your nose or you had an unfortunate accident, whichever came first. Get this CD and you’ll see what we mean. He has appeared on episodes Seinfeld, Miami Vice and has the distinction of being the last debut comic on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, who had to retire after meeting him. Nobody is safe at a John Bowman show, and now you can listen to him in the safety of your home with “In Stink.” Then, be sure to look for him in your neighborhood… in the bushes, under your car, peeking in your window, as well as your local comedy club. And bring an extra pair of clean underwear, just in case.

Track Listing

  1. Dyslexic Terrorism
  2. In Stink I
  3. Thin Ice
  4. Nearly Tourette's
  5. Mars
  6. Hope Springs in Turtles
  7. In Stink II
  8. Yog
  9. Michigan
  10. Sensitivity
  11. Matt
  12. Des Moines
  13. Bottom
  14. Ford Truck Man
  15. Ninety Percent of Your Brain
  16. See You in the Ditch, Bitch!
  17. Crappy Movies
  18. Bono and Refrigerators
  19. Dick
  20. Call and Response
  21. Two Simple Rules

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