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Jamie Kilstein - Please Buy My Jokes (CD)

Jamie Kilstein - Please Buy My Jokes (CD)


Like any good salesman, Jamie Kilstein is confident in his product and happy to show off for his audience. “Please Buy My Jokes,” his first stand-up CD, finds the slam poetry champion taking the stage with a solid leap right into drug humor, followed by a downward spiral of more and more offensive jokes, each, paradoxically, presented more innocently than the last. Kilstein is at his best when he revels in his own ability to pose clichéd joke set-up questions to his audience, taking on a sort of wide-eyed enthusiastic persona for the delivery. Then, once his audience is primed, he takes a sharp left turn at the punchline, spouting facts and figures on everything from racial disparities in prison sentencing to domestic violence among same sex couples to the relevance of time as a POW to time as a commander in chief. Somehow, in the midst of all of these serious topics, Kilstein, who describes himself succinctly as an “atheist liberal stoned comic,” manages to give both a persuasive argument on his pet issues and a ridiculously funny and generally four-steps-over-the-line comedy show. Caveat emptor: it’s hard to believe, but with thoughtful material and a heaping helping of blue humor, Kilstein’s plea to buy his jokes can’t help but be met by a legion of satisfied customers. “Please Buy My Jokes,” the limited edition precursor to Kilstein’s forthcoming full-length “Zombie Jesus,” is available now from Stand Up! Records, home to the newest voices in cutting-edge comedy.

Track Listing

  1. Drugs
  2. Drugs vs. Booze
  3. Taxes
  4. Beat the Gay
  5. Sanctity of Marriage
  6. Zombie Jesus
  7. Religion
  8. Odd Laws
  9. McCain and Texas
  10. Islam
  11. Banned from Clubs
  12. Friendly Comedy


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