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Ian Bagg - It Takes a Village (download)

Ian Bagg - It Takes a Village (download)

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Taking on the banks, one Mike-the-Manager at a time, Ian Bagg’s delighted to have recorded his latest CD in Stand Up! Records’ home, Minneapolis, MN. Here, in the land of prevalent, but dodgy bank employees, Somali cab drivers fighting the black ice, and big babies—not to mention the resulting didgeridoo sounds on windy nights… trust us, this will, fortunately or no, make sense within about ten minutes. A wily Canadian who’s been slowly but surely overtaking the U.S. airwaves, from every late night show you can think of (and a few we’ve all tried to forget) to his own XM radio show, from red carpet interviews to Comedy Central specials, Bagg’s an interactive comic who manages to make stage banter as entertaining on a CD as it is in person. Even the most casual listener will soon hope to join the ranks of “Vesty,” “Turtle,” and “Stripes,” as Bagg brings the crowd to life with his hilarious narration, deft call-backs, and general disregard for boundaries others might find daunting, but for him, are nothing more than hurdles to blithely bound. He keeps a mighty pace, but listeners will be all too happy to skip joke to joke with Bagg and his off-handed, ridiculous running commentary. Put down your adopted, three-armed, Chinese baby and scamper off to buy it, because “It Takes a Village” to make the damn comedy.

Track Listing

  1. Number Two
  2. Comedy Maker
  3. Over Thinker
  4. 5150
  5. My Gift To You
  6. Dirty Yet Clean
  7. The Night is Dark
  8. Somedays I Sleep
  9. Five Stars
  10. I Dare You
  11. Ian Bagg: A Boy and His Mind

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