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Glenn Wool - This Road Has Tolls (download)

Glenn Wool - This Road Has Tolls (download)

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“Master of the Titters,” “Iron Cowboy of Comedy,” “Overly dramatic and pointlessly theatrical.” This is Glenn Wool, live in Australia. With the cadence of a Canadian preacher, Wool somehow brings to mind Bobcat Goldthwait, Nick Offerman, Mitch Hedberg, and Greg Proops as he gallops joyously through his set, hypocrisy detector on display even as he scapegoats innocuously if objectively terrible towns, delivers the latest in equine emancipation news, and undermines major religious traditions. Abandoned by Allah, disillusioned with karma, and positive that not every joke with the Holocaust in it has to be offensive (“You wanna paint big pictures, you’ve gotta use dark colors”), Wool finds comfort in the austerity and economy of the Greatest Generation, those WWII Nazi hunters who were raised in a global depression and still pull their punches like men under rations. From Siam to Gimpy, Hanoi to Penrith, Saigon to Murray Bridge, Glenn Wool is a consummate professional, terrible neighbor, nimble philosopher, rational actor, and irrational entertainer. And he’ll be the first to tell you: if you don’t like it, it’s your own damn fault.  

Track Listing

  1. Tie Land
  2. Horse Emancipation
  3. Islamic 8 Mile
  4. Mongoloids of London
  5. Saigon Gone Gone Gone So Long (My Girl)
  6. The Iron Cowboy of Comedy
  7. Religion Unfound
  8. Never Read Your Reviews
  9. Death Heckler
  10. Yew and Me
  11. Veterans
  12. The Best Education
  13. Karma, Broken
  14. Gimpy

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