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Glenn Wool - No Land's Man (CD)

Glenn Wool - No Land's Man (CD)

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Glenn Wool knows why the caged comedian sings. Oh yes, he knows. This Canadian pro refuses to be defined by looks, despite his trouble at border crossings. Just because he could front a Lynyrd Skynyrd cover band and comes across like the love child of Bobcat Goldthwait and Mitch Hedberg doesn’t mean he had anything to do with September 11th. Nor will he be defined by his intimate relationship with mind-altering substances. Just because he gets a little itchy around Indonesian airport security doesn’t mean he has any insights into the Australian narcotics trade. And he will not be defined by his rakish reputation, despite being either too drunk or simply too goddamned metal to make it to an Iron Maiden show. Sometimes you just want to stay in, kick down a door, and do a little light defiling. But while you do that, might we suggest putting on Glenn Wool’s latest, “No Land’s Man”? He may not be a lot of things, but Wool’s certainly a modern roustabout’s role model.

Track Listing

  1. Hello, Mon Amie
  2. Chasing Bison
  3. Humour in the Workplace
  4. The Strange Customs of Indonesia
  5. America
  6. Pukelpop
  7. World's Biggest Mosque
  8. Wendal (The Beaver Messiah)
  9. Mexican Street Dog

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