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Eddie Pepitone - A Great Stillness (CD)

Eddie Pepitone - A Great Stillness (CD)

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Eddie Pepitone, known to many as “The Bitter Buddha,” comes across like some powerful alchemist’s admixture of Doug Stanhope, Jamie Kilstein, and Lewis Black—or maybe it’s a cross between classic, sardonic Bill Hicks and modern, relatable René Hicks (minus the rollerskates). No matter how you try to define him, Pepitone’s already one step ahead: so deep into self-judgment that he can give a master lesson in heckling himself. A demonstration:

  1. Know your target.
  2. Reveal the embarrassing.
  3. Don’t be afraid to go off-topic.
  4. Doctor-patient confidentiality has nothing to do with comedy.
  5. Understand that doing a meta-bit in which you heckle yourself is the height of self-sabotage.

Pepitone is a master of aggressive tweeting and self-defense and can spot a gang member at 20 paces (the suits, ties, and smiles are the giveaway). The Norma Rae of porn unions and a mourner of the ascot, Pepitone says bluntly, “It’s all about pain here tonight. It all hurts, and it hurts a lot.” See, being an incarnation of the Buddha isn’t all smiles and sunshine: it’s truth. The truth of pain, the choice of suffering. And if you want to stave off suffering, one glorious CD and/or silky-smooth limited edition vinyl album full of directness, short-lived cause commitment (he, too, can be an ardent vegan for 20 minutes if he gets too bored on Netflix), and great Tweets from history might just be the thing.

  1. I Love to Tweet
  2. Porn Union Leader
  3. A Revolutionary
  4. Pain
  5. Soggy Nachos
  6. Sleepy Time Tea
  7. At War with Myself
  8. Just an Average Guy
  9. Adorkable
  10. Surreal
  11. Fresh Shirt
  12. The Heckler Part I
  13. The Heckler Part II

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