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Dylan Brody - Writ Large (CD)

Dylan Brody - Writ Large (CD)

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There’s a mystery, a seduction to every Dylan Brody piece. Rather than veils, layers of meaning are peeled back slowly, each revealing a new facet of the teller and of the listener. This is to say, Dylan Brody is not a comedian, but a humorist, a wry observer more concerned with the truth than the facts, a story-teller, a gracious salon host, an old-fashioned modern man, and a sort of jazz impresario. That, or a self-aggrandizing pompous performer who you might not find funny, but you’ll certainly find funny.

In a lasting, haunting way, Brody’s cadence will stick with you, his stories will resonate, and his quick wit will impress, embossing themselves onto your memory. You’ll giggle at “Tiberius and Lemur” and you’ll quickly adopt the term “Eyore ’d,” but you’ll marvel at how Brody has brought you from a note on sitcoms to a reflection on aging love and southern humor—with a sidebar on condom sizing. You will feel nostalgia as you listen to the poetic purveyor of fine words and phrases remember his first taste of it, rest in the lilt of his phrasing (“the coddling of a toddler”), and yearn for more as he weaves wistful callbacks together in the voices of Shakespeare, of Dylan Thomas, of David Mamet, and of course, Dylan Brody. He is well-dressed and naked, presenting small stories writ large, rewriting reality for greater impact. And he imparts novel tips for both cat-care and human-care. This, clearly, is a valuable record: worth your time, your money, and your admiration.

Track Listing

  1. Classical Theatrics - Improvisation Part one
  2. Sponsorship #1
  3. Situation Comedy
  4. Size Matters
  5. A Memory, a Fantasy, a Dream
  6. Lyric Poetry - Improvisation Part two
  7. Sponsorship #2
  8. Phantom of Love [originally published in Exquisite Corpse]
  9. Contemporary Theatrics - Improvisation Part three
  10. Sponsorship #3
  11. Alpha Male
  12. Closing Triptych

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