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Dylan Brody - A Twist of the Wit (CD)

Dylan Brody - A Twist of the Wit (CD)

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A Dylan Brody performance has all the best qualities of a hot toddy. Classic, clarifying, bracing. Mellifluous in the literal, figurative, and onomatopoetic senses all at once. Brody takes living stuff, his experiences large and small, and lets it ferment, distilling, as his father's said to have said, the truth from the facts. The final product is, astoundingly, smooth, reflective, nostalgic, and sharp. The finishing touch is the ''Twist of the Wit.'' A poignant, uproarious concoction, Brody's new, live CD marks the purveyor of fine words and phrases' third turn with Stand Up! Records. It also, it must be said, marks not the first time we've doubled over with laughter at the repeated use of the word ''poopy,'' but certainly the first we've done it over ''onomatopoetic.'' (Use the word twice, it's yours forever!) With twisting tales of love among dogs and humans, Stephen Hawking's use of sarcasm, and self-presentation and preservation from the teen years on, Brody reminds us all why erudite isn't alienating. Anyone can make a bl*w job joke; many can make a bl*w job joke funny; only this man can make a bl*w job joke work in the service of a reassuring reminder of common humanity. A sociologist on the stage, a therapist at the typewriter, and, we're fairly sure, a tiger in the sack, Dylan Brody's also your new favorite humorist.

Track Listing

  1. Greetings and Tessellation
  2. A Little Bit of Background
  3. The Diligent Heckler
  4. I Like to Support the Arts
  5. Laminate Me
  6. The Story of Jeff Spikkhersbrokken and the Man We Will Call Arthur Grey
  7. Uncomprehending
  8. Profound Ambivalence
  9. Affection Al Dente
  10. Eventually You Turn Back Into a Pumpkin
  11. Murray Samson - Savior Management, Inc.
  12. True Romance

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