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Doug Stanhope - Something to Take the Edge Off (CD)

Doug Stanhope - Something to Take the Edge Off (CD)

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Doug Stanhope’s second CD covers every hilarious topic from birth defects to suicide, performed live with Henry Phillips providing acoustic guitar accompaniment to help “take the edge off.” While the music offers a smoother pacing than the frenetic “Sicko,” the material doesn’t lose any of the bite for which Stanhope is renowned.

Track Listing

  1. Vice
  2. Real Stories
  3. Top Ten Laws
  4. Quitter
  5. Live Life
  6. Suicide
  7. Dead Sport/Behind the Comedy
  8. $16 an Hour
  9. Scared Straight
  10. Don’t Pull Your Dick Out
  11. A Matter of Size
  12. Big Rubber Fist
  13. Pace Yourself
  14. Destroying Your Body
  15. Shake the Baby
  16. Freak Shows
  17. Offensive to Midgets
  18. End the Hate
  19. The Tit Fuck Joke in it’s Entirety
  20. Excess in Moderation
  21. Bobbie Barnett

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