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Derek Sheen - Macho Caballero (video)

Derek Sheen - Macho Caballero (video)



Joining a gym at 50 is just deciding how you want to die: dragged to death on a low-speed treadmill. For Derek Sheen, getting to the mid-century mark is like going through another puberty. He’s started smoking marijuana, and his body’s doing things he doesn’t understand. He wakes up, not with sexual energy and soggy sheets, but with residual spider nightmares and existential dread—and soggy sheets. He had to cancel an important show because he hobbled himself falling off a toilet, cartoon style. His truly just-fine penis and wispy, abandoned playground bramble of pubic hair have been joined by a set of extremely nice knockers. And now he and the one conspiracy theory he buys are trapped between pleated-khaki old racists and the socially conscious Millennials they constantly deride. Gen X gave Whitesnake a Grammy—it’s time to hang up your lawn darts and sit down (just use that safety bar next to the toilet, okay?). A master of evocative phrasing and picture-painting metaphor and exactly one political joke, Derek Sheen’s toured with Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn, and Janeane Garofalo. “Macho Caballero” is Uncle Derek’s fourth full-length album from Stand Up! Records—if we can keep him off the boxed wine, stave off the clowns, and prevent Renaissance man Tim Robbins from ever explaining himself, we’re confident there are plenty yet to come. 


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