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David Cross - ...America...Great... (yellow vinyl)


Limited edition on piss yellow vinyl  

In a time of Trumpian greatness, David Cross takes the stage to share just a few of his favorite things: jokes that require explanation, inscrutable customer service guarantees, the ancillary powers of dairy, Infowars Santa exposés, manipulating international currency at family genocide celebrations, using his given name (Sugar Ray Leonard), parsing the verbal tics of Hitler youth, fantasizing—sexually and politically—about patriotic statuary, swiftly destroying the street cred of Libertarian icons, calculating the scope of tragedy necessary to spur gun reform in legislative halls awash in NRA rhetoric and cash, and predicting the cascade of nationalist, racist, and misogynist retrenchment that would come to mark the Trump Administration’s efforts to remake American greatness. All that and limited edition vinyl? MAGA, mother*ckers!

Track Listing

  1. I Come Out And Say, Hello, Toronto!
  2. Then I Talk About Tattoos!
  3. Celebrating The Ignoring Of Genocide!
  4. A Bit I Stole From Dave Attell!
  5. Vape Japes!
  6. Hello, Adolf
  7. Oh No He Didn't!! He Said, "Patriojizm?!"
  8. What A Fool Believes (But Not The Doobie Brothers Version)
  9. Shoot First, Ask Questions Never
  10. National Trifle Association
  11. The Marked Difference Between Muslims And Other Insane People
  12. History's Most Excellent Raping Brotherhood

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