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Dave Williamson - Thicker than Water (CD)

Dave Williamson - Thicker than Water (CD)

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When a comedian talks to his crowd about his kids, the standard line is that spawning cramped his style, children are a drag, life ended at conception. But not for Dave Williamson! Like his similarly quick-witted, family-loving, fantastic-weirdo label mates Al Madrigal and Chad Daniels, Williamson has found the hilarity—and the poetry—in going from hormone-besotted teen to adrenaline-soaked college dude to semi-prepared parent. Even better? He’s saved all the stories for us. When the begrudging “boner expert” learns more than he teaches in his first anatomy lesson with his son, when the fake ice-cream man helps fight childhood obesity, when the drunken Winnie-the-Pooh calls his wife “Piglet,” it feels just like hanging out with your funniest friend at the bar, three cocktails deep (don’t go for 8, Williamson’s sure to call 9-1-1 for taco delivery, and that never goes anywhere good). Only now your funniest friend? He’s a hell of a lot funnier, and his timing and stride and call-backs (who else has an iPigeon call-back?) are expert. Williamson’s not about politics or misogyny or overgrown frat boy humor—he’s a relatable, hilarious, confident comic, and you’re gonna want to steal every one of his jokes. Which, frankly, he encourages: the final track on “Thicker than Water” might be the only example of Stand Up! Records bringing its audience DIY comedy. Take matters into your own hands, people—do it for the kids.

Track Listing

  1. Kid’s Parties
  2. Slinky 1986
  3. Pushed in the Pool
  4. Cell Phone Cigarettes
  5. Lots of Love
  6. College Drinking
  7. Joggers
  8. Oprah Activities
  9. Ice Cream Truck
  10. Mrs. Cooper
  11. Pee Pee Talk
  12. ELMO!
  13. Handgun
  14. Car Stickers
  15. OnStar

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