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Dave Waite - Kaboom (download)

Dave Waite - Kaboom (download)

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“Alpacas and Oates.” “Dicks in the Dirt.” “White Devil.” “Pants Party.” “Wormhole and Delta Airlines.” “Sawdust and Janitor Soul.” No matter what you Google to get there, so long as you find Dave Waite, we’re pretty sure you’re in the right place. It’s almost hard to know where to start with extolling the virtues of Waite’s new Stand Up! Records disc, “Kaboom.” Like an episode of “The Wire” with way more funny parts (and a lot less examination of entrenched urban inequality and institutionalized racial tension, natch), repetition only reveals newer, deeper layers of entertainment. On listen number one, you’ll get your introduction to Waite’s Master Class in Creepy. Pick-up lines, road trips to topless bars, and time travel for hillbillies, that first listen is silly, surprising, and seductive. You’re gonna want another. By the second time around, you’ll start catching the off-handed call-backs and the way Waite develops his own vocabulary and rhythms, managing to use some sort of alchemy to turn awkward quiet moments into a little titter that winds up into a full-blown, audience-on-board guffaw. And by that third spin? One little aside like “I heard that, for the ‘Sex and the City’ movie they had to put peanut butter on her gums…” and you’re a goner. Waite’s got you right where he wants you: captive, helpless in the face of a good time and a great comedic voice.

Track Listing

  1. Kaboom
  2. TV Box
  3. Fine Dining
  4. Hey Everybody, I Went to College
  5. Rockin' Ron (Sleeves Optional)
  6. Kids Make Me Smoke
  7. Real Life Pants Party
  8. Gypsies
  9. Snakes and Ferrets
  10. Click Clack Casual Friday
  11. Time Zones
  12. Big Gay Horseface
  13. Less Talk, More Dance
  14. The More You Know
  15. Potpourri (Grab Bag)
  16. High School HighX

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