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Darryl Lenox - Blind Ambition (download)

Darryl Lenox - Blind Ambition (download)

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A little Hannibal Buress, a little George Carlin, a little Dave Chappelle, and a little Debo from Friday. Well, okay, that last one's been fixed? but it's going to take a while to get the story from Darryl Lenox, live at the Vogue Theater in Vancouver.

Track Listing

  1. What I Learned in Canada
  2. Are You Looking at Me, Man?
  3. Hockey vs. Football
  4. You Look Like A Normal Human Being
  5. Might Work But Prob'ly Won't
  6. Politics Don't Affect Me
  7. Dick Cheney Killed Kennedy
  8. Kicked Out Of Canada
  9. Preachers & Pimps
  10. What About Me Says Porridge?
  11. I'd Rather Set Myself On Fire, Phil
  12. The Last Klondike Bar
  13. Heavy-Handed and Toothy
  14. Battle For Head in the Bed
  15. Fisherman's Friend
  16. Apology Accepted

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