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Dante Powell - The Squirrels Get Fat (download)

Dante Powell - The Squirrels Get Fat (download)


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Is Iowa real? Dante Powell’s parents couldn’t prepare him for his self-exile to the Corn Belt or his sudden calling to defending the Confederacy, no matter how many racism alerts they sent up to their Louisiana-born son. Is Rep. Steve King coming for Dante personally? Is it really offsides to extract reparations by pilfering from Old Navy? Never worry, Powell is entrepreneurial and optimistic. He’s working on being more petty (after performing a fearless moral inventory, considering his social circles, and assessing his idols, he’ll be following Burger King’s model of pettiness-enhanced living). And he knows how resilient we can be—after all, we made it through 2016 and 2017. We survived losing Prince and Muhammad Ali and David Bowie and Carrie Fisher. We weathered the election. We remained calm as the Verizon guy switched to sprint. Still, the whole time, we kept working, toiling, and striving to build better sex robots. That’s right: there’s still plenty to live for! Grab your favorite tree-dwelling rodent and get ready for the crisp, autumnal stylings of Dante Powell, “The Squirrels Get Fat.” 

Track Listing

  1. Des Moines
  2. Merle Hay Mall
  3. Seasons
  4. The Squirrels Get Fat
  5. Moving to Iowa
  6. Wal-Martin Luther King, Jr.
  7. A Story About Being Woke
  8. Sign Language
  9. I Want to be Petty
  10. Death, Elections and Sex Robots
  11. My Conspiracy Theory
  12. Pluto
  13. Ben Carson
  14. Text & Drive

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