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Danny Lobell - Some Kind of Comedian (CD)

Danny Lobell - Some Kind of Comedian (CD)

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Danny Lobell looks at life from a truly unique perspective, shared by approximately five other living humans: he's a Scottish Jew. So rare is his breed that the people of Loch Ness are easily more willing to believe a dinosaur lives in a lake down the str

Track Listing

  1. Diabetic Strippers
  2. Getting a Seat on the Bus
  3. Fun with Dogs
  4. Gangster South Africa
  5. Meinsweeper
  6. Dishonorably Discharged
  7. A Day at the Isle of Coney
  8. Fruit Bruisers
  9. Some Kind of Monkey Sloth
  10. Environmental Wordplay/Israeli Humpty Dumpty
  11. Books on Tape

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