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Dana Gould - Let Me Put My Thoughts In You (black vinyl)

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Dana Gould may not be the smartest guy in the world, the most handsome guy in the world, or the funniest guy in the world. He’s got a dodgy genetic line, a lot of euphemisms for semen, and the general build of a giant condom full of walnuts. He’s only got two real emotions: rage and suppressed rage. And he’s definitely lost all his game. But on 2009’s “Let Me Put My Thoughts In You,” now available on heavy weight vinyl for the first time, he demonstrates that he has enough reason to know that life’s all downhill after a NASA mission, the best minds of our generation are busy developing boner pills and specialty coffee drinks, and that a real bum needs a good back story. For anyone who’s ever found himself on a grocery store scavenger hunt, only to learn that Sunny Harvest Li’l Cobra Bits and Maple Flavored Whiskey Pops were naught but red herrings designed to earn his mate a little alone time, Dana Gould is the gold standard of intelligent, reasoned, adult comedy. That, and he’s got a Satanic puppy monologue straight out of Shakespeare. Irresistably funny, irrepressibly logical, and eminently listenable, “Let Me Put My Thoughts in You” is the record you won’t stop quoting.

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