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Dan Naturman - Get Off My Property (CD)

Dan Naturman - Get Off My Property (CD)

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Far younger and far, far hipper than Jon Lovitz, stand-up stand-out Dan Naturman conjures an image of a feisty curmudgeon with his nimble, self-deprecating delivery, setting the tone by titling his first CD, out now from Stand Up! Records, 'Get Off My Property.' That's right, he's got a shotgun in one hand and a bottle of Jack in the other, and you're about to see Dan Naturman's robe dangling open. Issuing a constant stream of cranky, but ridiculously funny, anecdotes that always imply the world is out to get him (or at least keep him from a successful love life), this Fordham-trained lawyer turned comic has been featured his own Comedy Central Presents special, on the Late Show with David Letterman, and on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Naturman's kvetching comedy is so quick and quick-witted that 'Get Off My Property' comes off as a sound-bite machine, arming listeners with a hilarious response for nearly any situation in which they might find themselves: worried about online dating? Always get a picture of your internet paramour holding today's newspaper. Considering marriage? Ask a friend how they like their marriage, then ask how they like their Tivo, compare. Trying to learn Spanish? Spend a year in a Mexican prison, you'll pick it up pretty fast. Densely packed and utterly relatable, 'Get Off My Property' may be Dan Naturman's first CD, but it surely won't be his last.

Track Listing

  1. Fake Phone Numbers
  2. Internet Dating
  3. New York City Gals
  4. Learning Spanish
  5. Job Interview Skills
  6. At the Bookstore
  7. Prevacid
  8. Jukeboxes
  9. High Maintenance Women
  10. Status Symbols
  11. Family Dysfunction
  12. Bank Job
  13. Hooters
  14. Meeting Girls at the Gym
  15. Power Failure
  16. Movie Nerds
  17. Racism
  18. Elevator Tale

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