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Cy Amundson - Lovesick in Toledo (CD)

Cy Amundson - Lovesick in Toledo (CD)

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Yes, like any good Jeopardy! contestant, Amundson comes with a lot of questions and even more interesting trivia. For instance, did you know you can put stipulations in your will? Cy’s little brother Greg’s in for a great death prize if he can catch and eat a live pelican on demand! And what about where the Venn diagram of “baller moves” and “dainty ways” intersects? We can assure you, you’ll never forget what comes after 10 on Amundson’s personal pain scale (because, as his nephew and Northwestern University know, ballers ball hard). Finally, what does camoflauge lingerie mean? It’s gonna take a Flintstones vitamins anecdote and a diversion into the Looney Toons to get there, but we assure you, Cy Amundson’s all about the journey (if only because, in a fourth grade girls’ basketball game, there is no destination).


Track Listing

  1. Uncle
  2. Birthing the All-Natural Way
  3. Kittens. Babies. America.
  4. Everybody Loves Greg
  5. 4th Grade Girls Basketball
  6. Lovesick in Toledo
  7. Stever Fever
  8. The Penis Burn
  9. Looney Toons and the People Who Love Them
  10. Pranks
  11. Ethan's College Application

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