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Courtney McClean & the Dirty Curls - This One's for Dad (CD)

Courtney McClean & the Dirty Curls - This One's for Dad (CD)

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Comedy and music don’t always go together splendidly; more frequently, you get a one-off novelty act that’s funny once, but loses its charm quickly. Yes, you have your Tenacious D (comics turned musicians) and your John Prines (musicians with undeniable wit), but they’re the exception. So, too, are Courtney McClean & the Dirty Curls.

These are not the Dixie Chicks (overproduced, slick, natural musicians amped up by a soundman or twelve)—Courtney McClean & the Dirty Curls have more in common with the Cramps, the Fugs, and the slightly misguided jingle-writin’ and truck-drivin’ charm of C.W. McCall. Filthy, feminist, earnest bluegrass expresses deep and abiding lust for the veep, desire and directness in the bedroom, aspirations of grand cougar-ation, and a respect for the comedic interlude that belies the lasting influence of the Wu Tang Clan. And there’s harmony!

Track Listing

  1. Hey, Joe Biden!
  2. I'm No Cowgirl
  3. Skin Flute Joke
  4. Dirty Talk
  5. What If I Get Immaculate Conception?
  6. In Public
  7. Are Your Songs Autobiographical?
  8. Do You Mind…?
  9. Safe Words
  10. Courtney's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Fred Durst Impression
  11. The Family Tree
  12. Slide In Three
  13. Bass Cage
  14. Pity Phuck
  15. When Baby Becomes Legal
  16. Quality Mom-Son Time
  17. That's Right (The Cousin Song)

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