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Matt Fugate - Believement (CD)

Matt Fugate - Believement (CD)

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Matt Fugate likes to start with a little amuse bouche of a joke, a little something to whet your whistle for the main event. Oh, and because saying “amuse bouche,” much like the many ways his name is pronounced, just makes him feel exciting. So long as he’s not confused with the “Blue Fugates of Trouble Creek” (AKA his not-far-removed Avatar relations), he’s pretty much willing to take whatever pronunciation you’ve chosen, assuming you’ll never meet again. Then again, if his kid’s going to be a jerk of a 13-year-old, oh, he’ll reach into that deep, indigo gene pool to put together the most amazing full kit of hip clothes from earlier decades, toss on a sombrero, and head off to school to congratulate said teen on his “record string” of not soiling the bed for three consecutive nights. Because in the battle between late-night street drunks shuffling past, yelling while you have a new-found dance-floor head wound dressed in a sort of surgical do-rag versus 13-year-old anyone anywhere, 13-year-old wins. That’s the first thing Matt Fugate wants you to know. Second: most things are better when they’re made more adorable and less racist. Third: there’s a difference between an actual threat and something you find “icky.” Get with the times. Fourth: if you get mocked by the Amish as a child? You’re gonna need to get a secular life in a big city as fast as you can. Sixth: if your house gets shot at on a Tuesday night while you’re folding laundry, you’ve probably gotta move. And finally, seventh: what you need in this world is skill, heart, and believement. Armed with these, you can do anything from marketing guru to cult leader. The world is your rather icky oyster!

Track Listing

  1. It's Not "Fyoo-Zhay"
  2. Eggs Mark the Spot
  3. Three Children, One Teen
  4. Matt vs. the Class Clown
  5. Tools for Success
  6. Can I Get a Witness?
  7. Equality = Equity
  8. Matt vs. the Dance Floor (Part I)
  9. Wallpaper Now!
  10. What's the New Mary Jane?
  11. In the City
  12. Got the Time
  13. Matt vs. the Dance Floor (Part II)

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