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Cliff Cash - Half Way There (video)

Cliff Cash - Half Way There (video)



Look, Cliff Cash doesn’t want to alarm anybody, but as a North Carolina native with a mom who speaks in tongues, a dad who worked on pit crews in Nascar’s dirt-track days, and a lesbian big sister, he’s starting to think TV might not be making Southerners look good—less Southern Charm, more Southern Harm. Truly, when’s the last time you saw a southerner with a multisyllabic vocabulary and explicable storyline recounting a recent hurricane on the news? Then again, what God-and-Dale-Earnhardt-fearing Christian doesn’t go a little crazy when the socialisms and the Nobamas are coming to take your daddy’s junk-drawer .38 and your grandpappy’s hunting rifle, ‘cause they’re gonna melt ‘em down to make rings for abortion doctors’ gay Sharia weddings?

Called a cross between Bill Hicks and Rory Scovel (by Kevin Nealon, no less, though we’d also add a big dash of Kyle Kinane to this comedic DNA mapping effort), Cliff Cash is not only the voice of the new south, he’s a pop-cultural ambassador, booty rap translator, amateur dietician (hot tip: Mountain Dew is not, in fact, a sports drink), and semi-pro Wilmington anthropologist who can do the running man and the cabbage patch at the same time. And now you can see him try! Live from Wilmington, this video special includes extended content and the chance to see a man mop up his own spilled beer while casually explaining his new Christian boy band's appeal to the Latino voter. Wherever he’s going, Cliff Cash is at least “Half Way There.”

Cliff Cash: Half Way There from Stand Up! Records on Vimeo.

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