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Chad Daniels - You're the Best (CD)

Chad Daniels - You're the Best (CD)

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Chad Daniels isn’t much help in an airport, but we’d already established that with his first CD, “Busy Being Awesome.” Now that he’s back with his second Stand Up! Records release, “You’re the Best,” well, it’s been confirmed. But we also learn that he’s got plenty of other talents to make up for it: he can navigate a thrice-daily “kid press conference” even as the questions get more difficult with age, clearly identify the “meow people” versus the “clap people” (and the superiority of the clappers), teach you how to play Highway Jeopardy, and deftly relay the incredible loveliness of a small child’s unintentionally racist and sexual explicit Spoonerism. He can even come up with three good ecological reasons that it’s a good thing for him to strangle a check-out girl. That’s a lot for one man to handle, but Daniels is easily up to the job. Even more incredible, he can manage to throw “Delay of Game” and “False Start” penalties into a family discussion of when it’s time to have “the talk.” A charming performer, even at his most blunt, Daniels has managed the special trick of maturing on-stage without maturing his material and, lest you think that’s a back-handed compliment, we assure you, Stand Up! Records is already eagerly anticipating his third record: if he once high-fived his own kid for “porking his mom,” and he’s now seriously considering whether he can slap his grandma for blatant public racism, we can only imagine what another couple years of Chad Daniels’ awesomeness will bring.

Track Listing

  1. Food Court
  2. Rape Pillow
  3. Lunch with Grandma
  4. Inter8shul Rel8shunz
  5. Laugh Coverers
  6. Canoe Trip
  7. Red Wine
  8. Environmental Science
  9. Bumper Stickers
  10. Cleft Palate
  11. AIDS Cop
  12. KIDStd
  13. Press Conference
  14. Accidentally Funny
  15. Scratching Privates
  16. Sex Talk
  17. He's Beige

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