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Tony Sam

Tony is originally from the part of the country where decent people come from (the Midwest), and he’s a playful S.O.B. who combines his quirky spirit with real-life experiences. The end result is a heaping, steamy pile of terrificness. In addition to his stand-up comedy, Tony has  specialized in improv and sketch comedy. In Chicago, he is the co-creator and long time executive producer of the critically acclaimed  show Chicago Underground Comedy and has written and/or produced many other highly successful shows including the heralded “Pop Stand.” In Los Angeles, he helped run the SoCal version of the legendary Peoples Republic of Komedy: “Hub Bub.” He has  performed on Comedy Death-Ray at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and is a regular fixture in its monthly  variety show, “The Walsh Bros Show.” Sam  produces a monthly, all-character show at the Hollywood Improv. Punchline calls it—PERSONA!—”a total riot!”

Tony has written for MTV’s “Ridiculousness,” MTV2′s “Guy Code” Online, MTV NEWS “Life Code,” and A&E’s “Brandi and Jarrod: Married to The Job.”

“Tony Sam’s comedy is consistently funny as hell! This guy needs to be heard if you love comedy”! —Eddie Pepitone

“Tony  Sam is to comedy, as Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario was to women’s professional tennis: skilled, hilarious, grunts A LOT in a high pitched bark while plying his craft, and ultimately it’s his absurd and funny point of view on life that will rub Martina Navratilova the wrong way.” —The Sklar Bros

“Tony  Sam has a refreshingly fun style of comedy, and I always know I’m in for guaranteed laughs when I see his name on the bill!” —Henry Phillips (“Comedy Central Presents,” “Jimmy Kimmel Live”)

“Tony Sam has a disturbing amount of puppets created in his own likeness. By disturbing amount, I mean more than zero. This is the type of madness you want to associate with in this world. Listen to this album.” —Kyle Kinane

“Tony is one if the funniest clowns in the business. I also wish he was my dad cuz he texts me sometimes. Have you seen my papa?” – Ben Kronberg (“Jimmy Kimmel Live,” ”Conan”)

“Tony Sam is one of my favorite muppets that’s taken on human form and is having a hilarious time trying to figure life out. A funny, amazing comic that will most likely get institutionalized at least twice before his run on this planet is up.” —Jonah Ray (Comedy Central’s ”Meltdown,” “Conan”)

“Tony is funnier than his dating history, and if you don’t know his dating history, definitely listen to his album, he’s great” —Beth Stelling (“The Pete Holmes Show,” “Conan”)

“Every morning I pray that one day a hilarious world leader will emerge who will dissolve all borders, religions, and national identities, thus allowing Tony Sam to perform in the United States whenever he wants to. Tony Sam is a hilarious comedian and if you don’t like his album it’s probably because your brain is actually a pulsating black sack of baby spiders.” —Duncan Trussell (“The Joe Rogan Experience,” “Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time,” MadTV)

“It turns out your imaginary friend from childhood is real, and he’s a hilarious stand-up comedian named Tony Sam.” —DC Peirson (Derrick Comedy, “Community”)

“Tony Sam’s new comedy album is a masterpiece. Tony is hilarious, please take a listen.” —Jason Nash (Comedy Central’s “Jason Nash is Married,” “Last Comic Standing”)

“Tony Sam is way funnier than his cousin Yosemite, and that’s saying a fuck ton. Definitely buy his album!” —Brooks Wheelan (“Saturday Night Live, Comedy Central,” “Adam Devine’s House Party”)

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