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Tim Harmston - The Whim of Tim (download)

Tim Harmston - The Whim of Tim (download)


Tim Harmston can’t meditate. No matter how hard he tries, his brain carousel keeps spinning: Beer! Fudge! Filet Minon! Aaron Rodgers! Prince! Who among us could clear his mind with such diversions and delicacies tugging at his attention? Legs painstakingly folded into the lotus position, beer belly stubbornly imposing its Wisconsin physics, Harmston’s mind flits from whim to whim. Wouldn’t the pelican be the better avian symbol of Americanness? What’s the worst-case scenario for ash-scattering? If Totino’s Pizza Rolls sponsored a comedy competition, what would it be called? What’s the best private insurance if you need an iron-clad, catastrophic penile incident policy? Is the KKK really the last group it’s okay to hate out of hand? What kind of irresponsible, grouper-groping fishing practices do you have to engage in to get orange-tagged in the Whole Foods deli case? Who donates their used underwear? You’ll never look at toast, or the American medical system, the same way again. Award-winning comic Tim Harmston’s second album, “The Whim of Tim,” is out now from Stand Up! Records.

Track Listing

  1. Half and Half
  2. Primary Concern
  3. Grouper Mentality
  4. Sorry Eagle
  5. Bowling Ball
  6. It's That Time Again
  7. Positive Analysis
  8. The Buffalo
  9. Beefsteak
  10. In the Basement
  11. Overthunk

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