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Steve Gillespie - Alive on State (download)

Steve Gillespie - Alive on State (download)

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Steve Gillespie is nothing if not hopeful. He has dreams, aspirations. He wants to physically fight a happy couple (perhaps in their receiving line). He wants to play an inning in the Little League World series, stop cramming for dental appointments, and make marijuana dangerous again. He wants to force the people of Wisconsin to build Trump’s border wall and get himself a beautiful wife and kids who will miss him when he dies (preferably not in a bunker). He wants to become a member of the Illuminati (or get his own Netflix login). He wants to know how he lost $8,000 and his belt and his ability to calm down and stop vomiting. Barring the realization of any—or, more likely, all—of these dreams, though, Steve Gillespie’s already come out on top. Two months premature but never late for a laugh, this diminutive “gentleman degenerate” has shared bills with Margaret Cho, Dave Attell, Doug Benson, Kyle Kinane, and Jim Breuer, and now Stand Up! Records is so, so pleased to present “Alive on State.”

Track Listing

  1. Are They Popping?
  2. Prematurity
  3. Boot Straps
  4. Seasonal Feelings
  5. American Hero
  6. Got Out
  7. Post Apocalyptic
  8. Man Up
  9. Protect Your Lady
  10. Cops Be Trippin'
  11. Ramblin' and Gamblin'

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