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Sean Rouse - Spilled Milk (CD)

Sean Rouse - Spilled Milk (CD)

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Describing himself as a “little feller” with a close resemblance to “Dennis the Menace all grown up,” a crippled, arthritic hand he occasionally refers to as Slackjaw, a balding pattern attributed to his father’s penchant for grabbing him by the hair to deck him in the face as a kid, and a coke habit that would make Keith Richards a little (more) twitchy, Sean Rouse of the Unbookables clearly has what the kids call a face for radio or at least recorded comedy. It’s a good thing, then, that he’s taken the plunge with his new CD “Spilled Milk”… and that he’s got the shock and awe to back it up. Filthy, depraved, and always clever, the verbal assault on “Spilled Milk,” in fact, is so immediately arresting that it makes every future listening more rewarding. Once the utter surprise at the horrific things spewing forth from Rouse’s drug-addled brain wears off, you get to the holy grail: the famed second and even third layers of funny wherein you find that often his asides to the audience are as witty and well-turned as the backbones of his routine. Seemingly gamboling about his set in a tangential manner as though the audience is being treated to the podcast of his inner monologue, Rouse’s call-backs are masterful, building the crowd’s familiarity with his stand-up language quickly, only to appall his listeners anew each and every time. Don’t let the smooth twangy accent fool you, the title “Spilled Milk” is clearly a warning: listen up, and don’t cry, sissy.

Track Listing

  1. Crank Start
  2. Memories
  3. Do as I Say...
  4. God Hates Catchphrases?
  5. Way Too Young
  6. Ladies and Gentlemen... Slackjaw!
  7. The Gateway
  8. Marijuana is Harmless
  9. Birdshot
  10. My Nose is a Mess
  11. Y'all Pick 'em!
  12. Tsunami Mommy
  13. Black Don't Crack
  14. Jack Palance
  15. Story Time
  16. Play Ball!!!
  17. The General
  18. That's My Time

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